shooting alien

Try this addictive casual game and have fun while helping Toby to get his spaceship through the asteroid fields. Try to collect as many points as possible by shooting the cubes. 

Get shields, refill your ammo and fuel levels and gain access to new characters in exchange for stars. You can pick up stars with your spaceship or collect them with your daily rewards.

The game offers several bonusesYou can pick up: 

  • Ammo: Toby’s spaceship is constantly firing so pick up these ammo packs to refill your ammo level.
  • Fuel: Toby’s spaceship is equipped with a massive afterburner unit which consumes a huge amount of fuel. Picking up these packs will top up your fuel levels.
  • Shield: A precious and rare bonus that protects Toby’s spaceship.
  • Laser: A massive weapon to destroy cubes instantly – even the ones that bullets can’t handle.  Watch out because you can only use this weapon for a limited time.
  • Surprise box bonus can provide a helping hand by filling up your ammo or fuel levels. If you are lucky enough, you can find a shield or laser bonus, but be careful because it’s easy to lose control if you get up to speed.

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and just have fun

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